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(And Where I Am Now)
27 March 2014 
I am now blogging about women's cricket, here:


And I'm still on Twitter:


Cricket Women's World Cup
(Post-Mortem Edition)
14 February 2013 
So that's that... as far as I am concerned anyway! What have we learned?

Cricket Women's World Cup
(Thoughts On The Group Stages)
07 February 2013 
A few thoughts at the half-way stage of the 2013 Women's World Cup.

Women In Men's Cricket
(And how SJT is being set up for a fall.)
15 January 2013 
Unlike most of the people commenting on this subject, I've actually watched a fair bit of women's cricket; and one game in particular sticks in the memory.

In summer 2012, I watched the MCC Young Cricketers (the women's equivalent of the England Lions) play a double-header of T20 games at Wokingham CC. The YCs included Sarah Taylor - widely recognised as the best female cricketer in the world right now; and possibly ever.

(And Where I've Been)
01 January 2010 
It has been a while... but I've not stopped blogging. I'm just doing it here:


... and here:


See you there!

La Oreja de van Gogh, Amaia Montero
(And... Andrew Ridgley?)
01 December 2008More...

Voices Of A Distant Star
(And The Democratization of Popular Culture)
01 November 2008More...

Private Practice
(And How It Might Have Gotten That Way!)
01 September 2008More...

Source Safe
(And Why Your Source Control Server Is Like The Bronx In 1985)
01 July 2008More...

Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
(And Why (Indi's) Life Is A Roller-Coaster)
01 June 2008More...

Billy Bragg - Mr Love & Justice
(And Joining The Aristocracy)
01 April 2008More...

Tales From Earthsea
(And How Miyazaki Jr. Made A Movie... About Football)
01 March 2008More...

Beatrix Potter
(And Bachman Turner Overdrive)
01 January 2008More...

John Mellencamp: Freedom's Road
(And The Reclaiming Of America)
01 November 2007More...

(And Hob-Nob Principle)
01 October 2007More...

Kate Atkinson: One Good Turn
(And The 'Class' Thing)
01 September 2007More...

(And Why It Is't Cricket)
01 August 2007More...

What About Brian
(And The Elephant In The Room)
01 July 2007More...

Excite Truck
(And The Simple Things In Life)
01 June 2007More...

Life On Mars
(And How We Was Robbed)
01 May 2007More...

A Way Of Being Free
(And Why Cain Is Able)
01 April 2007More...

Chris Turner: Planet Simpson
(And How The Simpsons Has Defined Us!)
01 March 2007More...

Nerina Pallot - Fires
(And Why I-Tunes Aren't My-Tunes)
01 February 2007More...

(And What We Liked But Failed To Blog)
01 January 2007More...

(And The End Of History)
01 December 2006More...

Disney's The Jungle Book
(And The Limits of Sanitisation)
01 November 2006More...

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds
(And Miyazaki's Accidental Stroke of Genius)
01 October 2006More...

Shakira - An Aplology
(With Apologies To Private Eye)
01 September 2006More...

The Vasa
(And The Sweedish For Irony)
01 August 2006More...

Sabina - Live at the Estadio de Valencia
(And The Effects Of Smoking)
01 July 2006More...

Battlestar Galactica
(And When Low-Budget Sci-Fi Becomes High Art)
01 June 2006More...

Bryan Adams - Room Service
(And Good Old-Fashioned Working Class Values)
01 May 2006More...

Mike Leigh's All Or Nothing
(And Poverty Porn)
01 April 2006More...

Nintendo DS
(And The Primal Urge To Touch)
01 March 2006More...

Shakira - Oral Fixation / Fijacion Oral
(And Why It's All About The Money)
01 February 2006More...

(And Where The Politics Should Just Get Off)
01 January 2006More...

Harvey Danger - Little By Little
(And The Future of Rock'N'Roll)
01 December 2005More...

DAB Digital Radio
(And Why It Will All End In Tears)
01 November 2005More...

Mario Golf - Advanced Tour
(And How The Games Industry Could Fix Things)
01 October 2005More...

The Canterbury Tales
(And How We Got From Chaucer To Emimem... And Back Again)
01 September 2005More...

The L Word & The Twighlight Princess
(And Why Billy Bragg's Uncle Was Right)
01 August 2005More...

Charlie Chaplin: Modern Times
(And The Speed Of Life)
01 July 2005More...

Urban Architecture In Budapest
(And HowThe Communists Got It Right For Once)
01 June 2005More...

Dr Who
(And That 'Difficult' Second Epidode)
01 May 2005More...

Historias Minimas
(And The Dark Cultural Vocabulary Of Latin Movies)
01 April 2005More...

La Oreja De Van Gogh
(And How We Define 'Pop' Music)
01 March 2005More...

Desperate Housewives
(And What Commitment Is All About)
01 February 2005More...

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
(And Why the Games Industry Doesn’t Understand Its Own Business)
01 January 2005More...

The L Word
(And F/F Sexuality On The Small Screen)
01 December 2004More...

Shakira: Laundry Service
(And Why Some Things Might Have Been Better Off Lost In Translation)
01 November 2004More...

Miles Cain: Different Destinations
(And The 'Music' Industry That Isn't)
01 October 2004More...

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